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Jpeg “Infographic-10.28.14 (1).pdf”We love us some INFOGRAPHICS!! Here’s one created by the beloved Choices in Childbirth about the benefits of having a doula.



Watch this momma dance her way through a contraction with the help of her doula, Nikia. See what upright labor looks like? Much more fun than on your back in a hospital bed!

2015 is starting off with a bang!

We’ve just signed on with our first family for 2015! Is there a better way to think about the new year coming up than to prepare for the coming of a new baby?

2014 has been great for us and we’ve served so many wonderful, brave, loving families. We can only hope 2015 will be just as rewarding or more.

We still have availability for 2014 births. So make sure to reach out if you want loving, supportive, passionate care for your birth and after.

Naima & Michele’s New Website

We are happy you’re here. This website is a new way for families to become familiar with us and get some of their questions answered.

Reach out to us if you’re interested in setting up a complimentary introduction meeting in person or via Skype. michele.arrieta@gmail.com or naimabeckles@gmail.com

Thanks again!